Creating Factory Spirit®

Christophe Derré analysed current developments and modern fashion trends in overall consumer products, in terms of buildings, decoration and furniture.

This line is inspired by the products and materials used at the time of the Industrial Revolution, in the 1900s, and during the Art Deco period. He also studied comments and expectations expressed by customers and architects.

Variations on the Factory Spirit® theme

In late 2008, Profils Systèmes presented the first "IPN" and "perforated IPN" aluminium conservatory roof rafters with Wallis&® and the Éclats Métalliques®* a range offering exclusive finishes resembling metal aged and weathered by time: Factory Spirit® was born.
*metallic shards

In 2009, Pazco® concealed sash windows adopted the new manufacturing design theme. In line with the spirit of the Éclats Métalliques® colour range, this more original approach underlines Profils Systèmes’ fine style and exclusive finishes.

Satin Moon® and Satin Road®, the latest generations of high energy performance profiles, designed for casement and sliding door and window frames for newbuild and renovation projects, were added to complement the range of our “urban loft” style profiles.

In 2013, the range of Shar Pei contemporary gates now also offers Factory Spirit design aspects. With its perforated or semi-perforated bars and its straight, clean lines, the Shar Pei gate brings class and elegance to building entrances.

And more recently, the new Cuzco® aluminum sliding bays and windows ranges, Wallis&Atelier® indoor glass panels, Wolf® aluminum gates, Macassar® handrails...

The Factory Spirit® design profiles are available in all Profils Systèmes’ exclusive colours.