Bie coulissante aluminium Cuzco avec seuil encastré


A pioneer in the field of design, Profils Systèmes quickly distinguished itself from its competitors by breathing new life into its product ranges.

In the 1990s, Profils Systèmes was the first aluminium manufacturer to introduce the tapered design to the aluminium joinery market.

In the 2000s, Profils Systèmes was the first aluminium manufacturer to launch sandblasted and grained finishes onto the market with its Terra Cigala® range. More recently, metal patina effects, with its Eclats Métalliques® and Terre de Matières® ranges, and more recently, wood effects with its N.O.S® range.

In the 2010s, Profils Systèmes launched the Factory Spirit® design. A design that is often copied but never equalled, giving its creations an “artist’s studio” style, and in recent years, products with a minimalist design offering a fusion between the interior and exterior.

As a result of Profils Systèmes’ approach and its commitment to pure lines, the company regularly wins design awards for its aluminium profiles.

Christophe Derré, founder of Profils Systèmes sums up the company’s design approach in a few words :

Design is the company's watchword. We always want to have a head start on the field. Now as before, we are very aware of the evolution in our clients’ demands.

Architects want simple lines without rounding off. The overall evolution of design trends on building decor convinces us there is a return to simple, pure design lines resembling the metal profiles used to build factories and workshops during the Industrial Revolution.