CUSTOMER SATISFACTION : Profils Systèmes certified ISO 9001

International quality management standard, ISO 9001 reflects the continuous improvement system implemented at Profils Systèmes, which translates into a daily ability to improve efficiency and regularly provide a quality product or service that meets its customers, and its legal and regulatory requirements.

EMPLOYEE HEALTH & SAFETY : Profils Systèmes certified ISO 45001

Profils Systèmes is also committed to the ISO 45001 process with the aim of establishing safety leadership and improving the working environment for its employees.

ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION :  Profils Systèmes certified ISO 14001

Through the ISO 14001 process, Profils Systèmes® aims to improve the prevention of environmental risks such as pollution, or waste management optimisation.

ENERGY MANAGEMENT : Profils Systèmes certified ISO 50001

By adopting the ISO 50001 standard, Profils Systèmes is also involved in an energy management system designed to boost its energy efficiency, reduce its ecological impact and make an active contribution to preserving the environment.

TOWARDS A CIRCULAR ECONOMY : Profils Systèmes certified C2C

The latest commitment at the end of 2020 has been the international "Cradle to Cradle" certification.

This is an industrial production concept that integrates an ecological requirement at all stages of a product's life - from design, throughout production, and up to reuse - with the principle of zero pollution and 100% reuse.