Logo portail aluminium contemporain Shar-pei Shar-Pei aluminum contemporary gate

Aluminum range of profiles designed for the manufacture of 1 and 2 leaf sashes.
The aluminum Shar-Pei range enables you to respond to today’s trends: straight lines, inclined or curved, with a variety of filling options: full or protective bars, tubes, sheets, etc.

3D Shar-Pei Gate

Aluminum hinged and sliding gate


  • Very wide choice of models and shapes
  • Highly resistant due to jointed mounting
  • Design of sections and molded pieces
  • The motor can be integrated into the mullion
  • Available in the entire Profils Systemes’s eclusive colors
  • Available in pre-machining

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Technical details

Maximal dimensions

  • Hinged gates up to 5.5 m
  • 1-leaf gate: 2.500 x 2.200 m
  • 2-leaf gate: 5.500 x 2.000 m
  • Sliding gate up to 6 m
  • Straight gate: 6.600 x 2.200 m
  • Chapeau de Gendarme (bent) gate: 5.000 x 2.200 m 

Filling sheets

Our mix gates are available with a choice of 6 sheets.

They are available:

  • All Profils Systemes’s exclusive color ranges except bright.
  • Pre-machining.
  • Small gate size.

Accessories and fastenings

Tubular design shape on the exterior, 55 mm thick.

Motor Drive

Optional motor drive integrated in mullions. A technical and functional solution which allows many advantages:

  • Invisible motor drive, directly integrated in the mullion
  • Electromagnetic central locking system
  • A fall regulator system
  • Possibility of coating visible pieces


In order to achieve maximum resistance, assembly is created by interlocking the sections at a 65 mm depth.

The assembly is mounted with 6.3 mm stainless-steel hex-head screws to an Aluminum mounting plate, all invisible.

The various types of fillings are installed with anti-vibration gaskets. Locks are embedded in the sections. The sections are designed to receive a permanent, invisible aluminum reinforcement, which is required when mounting various types of automatic closing systems.