Logo garde-corps et barrière de piscine alu Macassar Macassar pool balustrade

The Macassar balustrade resumes the aesthetic which is very appreciated. This range of profiles is made for the manufacturing of pool balustrades. It offers a gentle shape design.

3D Macassar Pool Fence

safety and aesthetic


  • Conform with the norm
  • Profiles design and molded items
  • Existe en version vitrée ou barreaudée
  • Glazing and bar versions
  • Available in the entire Profils Systemes's range


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Technical details


  • Height of the balustrade : 1,20 m
  • Module’s dimension : mini 1 m / maxi 2 m
  • Gate’s width : 1 m


The access small-gate comes with a safety closure with double .

Available in the entire Profils Systemes's palette Terra Cigala®, Maohé®, Éclats métalliques®.


Fixation is compulsorily on appropriate support :

  • On slab
  • On concrete block
  • In using pole to seal

Mounting must be made on a solid support.

The strong mullions are held to the ground by shoe brackets that can be coated in the colour of the barrier.

The fixation is hidden by an aluminum cover coated in the color of the shoe bracket.

The pieces for the assembly are made of aluminum, stainless steel or non corrosive material.

Fastenings and accessories

The lock is certified for 50000 operations by the LNE (French national testing laboratory).

La plupart des accessoires visibles sont réalisables aux couleurs de la barrière.

Most visible accessories can be created in the color of the barrier.

Connecting pieces are made either of stainless steel, aluminum or non corrosive material.

All fastenings are of stainless steel.


Commercial Documentations

094_267_Sheet_Macassar_railings (PDF - 3.78 MB)