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Because a lot of pergolas look the same... Profils Systèmes, in collaboration with Dank Architectes firm, offers you a collection of pergolas in new colours, inspired by nature to create unusual atmospheres!

By combining colours and creating harmonies, Wallis&Outdoor® pergolas by Dank Architects allow you to play with shadows and light to create luminous atmospheres throughout the seasons.

SAND, SUNNY, FOREST, CELEST, HAVANE, PURE. 6 chromatic versions are proposed to you to awaken your outside and give you rich and varied emotions, sensations and feelings. These 6 exclusive models are available throughout the entire Wallis&Outdoor® range: bioclimatic aluminium pergola, pergola with retractable slats, pergola with fixed slats or manual pergola.

With Wallis&Outdoor® by Dank Architectes, your aluminium pergola will become colourful and animated to offer you ever more comfort and warmth!

Pergolas in nature's colours


  • 6 exclusive models of aluminium pergola inspired by nature
  • 6 models available for the full range of aluminium pergolas Wallis&Outdoor®
  • Terra cigala® lacquered colour hold guaranteed 25 years
  • Made in France

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Technical details

A Signature

Your Wallis&Outdoor® by Dank Architectes pergola is unique.
Many combinations are possible depending on the model chosen and the colour of your structure.
A ‘Signature’ plaque made of aluminium certifies the authenticity of your pergola and its compliance with the concept, technical quality and aesthetics.

SAND range

Inspired by nature…
Dunes of warm sand you could watch for hours ...
Nuance, contrast et combination
Sandy beige and smoky grey shades, light and natural colours for simplicity, human warmth and serenity.

FOREST range

Inspired by nature …
The world of the forest, luxuriant vegetation, coolness...
Nuance, contrast et combination
Positive energy with green, a soothing colour that represents rebirth.

SUNNY range

Inspired by nature …
A seaside sunrise or sunset, autumn or the return of summer weather...
Nuance, contrast et combination
A combination of sun-kissed pastel shades... Shades of warm, luminous beige combined with white for a pleasant sensation of gentleness, energy and joy.

CELEST range

Inspired by nature…
The sky and space, night time, minerals. A world that is mysterious, striking and magnetic.
Nuance, contrast and combination
Two dominant colours, black and gold, evoke hot summer evenings when, lying down on the sand or grass, our mind wanders as we watch the night sky, searching for a shooting star....

HAVANE range

Inspired by nature…
Based on organic colours associated with earth, wood and stone...
Nuance, contrast et combination
On a base of brown combined with a lighter, rusty brown, we add a luminous beige in an evocation of Roussillon ochres, spices on market stalls ... These colours inspire lasting warmth, security and traditions.

PURE range

Inspired by nature…
Snow-covered mountains, glaciers, the sea, the sky...
Nuance, contrast and combination
Tones of grey act as the background here, creating a subtle play of shadows. Greys are very formal colours and are combined here with blue for a lively, more luminous ambiance. The use of white highlights the blue which adds calm, stability and serenity.