Aluminum, a 100% recyclable material

  • Aluminum can be recycled ad infinitum without loosing its qualities.
  • Recycled aluminum is 95% cheaper than primary fusion aluminum production, not to mention savings made in natural resources
  • The “green metal” is truly worthy of its name. It remains readily accessible and can be used to protect the environment.
  • Most of the aluminum used for the extrusion of Profils Systemes profiles comes from the European Union and 20% of it is from recycling aluminum in France. Meanwhile, all aluminum wastes from the production site are recycled.

From aluminum billetes to profiles

The aluminum used for the profiles creation is liquid (with the presence of electrolysis). It is degassed to become solider in molds of cylinder-shaped.

Theese cylinder-shaped billettes are used in the buildings. They are extruded to become profiles for aluminum joinery.

Aluminum profiles are obtained thanks to aluminum extrusion on a 2200 tons press.