This guarantee covers powder coated profiles, excluding accessories, against the following defects:

  • Separation, chipping and cracking
  • Corrosion, except if corrosion is caused by folding or deforming elements after application of the lacquer
  • Chalking, color change and gloss deterioration higher than QUALICOAT tolerances and guidelines
  • Filiform corrosion

To enforce its guarantee' s rights, the buyer will have to inform Profils Systemes in writing on the defect's existence in a maximum delay of 60 days after noticing it.

Under these conditions, Profils Systemes will substitute bad items. The subtitution won't extend the guarantee period fixed above.

This guarantee doesn't take in account the installation and uninstallation price.

Are excluded from the guarantee:

1. Damage caused intentionally or by gloss negligence.

2. Damage caused by: war, acts of terrorism or sabotage, rebellion, uprising, riot, strike, lockout, protest, volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, floods, tidal waves or any other acts of God, the direct or indirect results of an explosion, the production of temperatures over 80°, radioactivity, ion irradiation, toxic or explosive substances, hazardous waste produced by fission.

3. Damage caused by fundamental modifications to the products covered by the guarantee ( a fundamental modification is a modification which changes the primary features of the product).

4. Any form of deterioration of the powder coating layer caused by: irregular use, normal wear and tear or ageing, the distortion of the surface on which it was applied, causes od a mechanical origin, important or viloent thermal shocks, friction with blunt objects, damage having no effect on the general appearance of the assembly, the faulty drainage of the assembly, an aggressive environment (notably including environments exposed to chlorine and seaside environments).

5. Damage caused by cleaning or by contact with products or materials to which the powder coating layer cannot chemically resist, or caused by building faults or repairs.

6. Damage caused by the unwise use of products, structures or materials for purposes for which they are not intended.

7. Damage caused by continuous or unusual immmersion in aqueous solutions, unless otherwise approved by Profils Systemes SAS.

8. Damage directly or indirectly caused by the cracking or damaging of the powder coating layer on the structured profiles or parts which were distored after the powder coating was applied.

9. Damage caused by galvanic couples which are due to components applied in incompatible alloys (copper, lead, zinc, etc.).

10. Damage caused by bad maintenance

11. Consequential loss such as loss of use, unemployment, immobilization, depreciation, compensation or late fines, cutomer loss, etc.

12. Unjustified delays in performing repairs or preventive alterations possibly ordered during inspections, checks or tests.

13. The structures or elements for which it is impossible to prove that the treatment was performed by Profils Systemes SAS (stamp on parts).

14. Uncoated products.