Logo Madurah, des poignées personnalisables à l'envie Mandurah® aluminium handles

Imagine a series of handles as though they were a fashion collection. One can leave them naked or dress them in oak, teak, wenge, ash, resin... This was the choice Profils Systèmes made with this new series of innovations invented by the designer Patrick Veillet.
Each handle can be customised to fit in with all kinds of interiors. Easily fixed accessories can also be added so that tones and textures can be changed to give a room a new look. It’s also possible to use the handles without accessories and add these on later.

Poignées aluminium Mandurah personnalisables à l'envie

Aluminium handles that can suit everyone


  • Ergonomic design
  • 2 insert shapes : Wave & Quadra
  • 10 inserts : 6 types of woods**, 4 resins and 12 leather
  • Available in all Profils Systèmes’ exclusive colours
  • Colour shades guaranteed up to 25 years
  • Made in France

Technical details


  • Mandurah®, exclusive design handles by Profils Systemes suit ::
    • Cuzco®, Dzao®, Satin Moon®, eurogroove casementwindowsanddoors
    • Cuzco®, Dzao®, Satin Road®, and Touareg®, slidingranges
  • 6 models of handles :
    • Single handle without baseplate
    • Double handle without base-plate
    • 20° handle
    • Operating button
    • Right-hand Pull
    • Offset pull


  • 2 insert shapes : Wave & Quadra
  • 22 inserts : 6 types of woods** (Ebony, Wenge, Teak, Walnut, Oak, Ash), 4 resins (white, black, beige, translucent) and 12 leather (Pierre, Taupe, Nude, Camel Vintage, Brun Cuivre, Rouge Maranello, Rouge Aston, Chocolat, Cognac, Moka, Bleu Indigo, Noir)

** Mandurah® inserts are decorative wood pieces for interior use only.


Commercial Documentations

094_365_Mandurah_catalog (PDF - 3.52 MB)