Logo portail alu ferronerie Terre Neuve Terre-Neuve Aluminum Iron design gate

The range of aluminum profiles are designed for the manufacturer of sliding gates.
The Aluminum Terre Neuve range enables you to respond to today’s trends: straight lines or curved, with a variety of filling options: full or open-work slats, tubes, sheets...

3D Terre Neuve Gate

Aluminum traditionnal gate


  • Wide choice of models and finishing accessories
  • Large size possible
  • Available, labored, ready to assembly
  • Available in the entire Profils Systemes’s exclusive colors
  • Height dimensions until 4.5 m

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Technical details

Maximal dimensions

  • Door gate : 1500 x 2400 mm
  • 2 leaf gate: 4500 x 2400 mm


In order to achieve maximum resistance, the assembly is created by interlocking the sections at a depth of 65 mm.

The assembly is mounted with 6.3 mm stainless steel hex-head screws to an aluminum mounting plate, all being invisible. Locks are embedded in the sections.

Sections are designed to receive a permanent, invisible aluminum reinforcement, which is required when mounting various types of automatic closing systems.

Accessories and fastenings

All aluminum accessories can be supplied in the color of the gate.

All fastenings are of stainless steel.


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