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The Jack R range of aluminum profiles lets you make wood or wrought iron type gates, with a flat or curved top shapes, with various types of fillings: closed or open blades, solid metal sheets, bars, curls and a wide range of decorative finishes, heads and caps, rosaceous, volutes.

Portail aluminium Jack-R

Aluminum sliding and hinged gate


  • Excellent money value
  • Fast assembly
  • Identical appearance of both the inner and outer leaf side
  • Attractive profile and molded part design
  • A very wide choice of swing and sliding gate models
  • Available in the entire Profils Systemes exclusive colors ranges

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Technical details

Maximal dimensions

  • Hinged gate: 1200 x 2000 mm
  • 2 leaf gate: 4000 x 2000 mm (plein) ou : 4000 x 1700 mm (ajouré)
  • Sliding gate: 4500 x 2000 mm


To achieve maximum resistance, assembly is done by slotting the profiles  with 62 mm deep.

Assembly by bolts using hex.head 6.3 mmdiameter aluminum screws.

The various types of fillings are fitted with vibration damping gaskets.

The locks are embedded in the profiles.

The profiles are designed to receive unalterable and invisible aluminum reinforcement, recommended when installing various kinds of automation systems.

Les profils sont prévus pour recevoir un renfort inaltérable et invisible en aluminium, préconisé pour le montage des différents types d’automatismes.

Accessories and fastenings

All the Aluminum accessories can be supplied in colors to match the gate.

All fastenings are stainless steel.


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