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The Trinidad® aluminium louvre blind is a window feature blending good looks with ease of fitting, with absolutely no concession to quality and weatherproofing standards.
Ideal for tropical regions, the Trinidad® aluminium louvre blind guarantees good security with good ventilation and fine management of sunlight entry.

Trinidad® Aluminum Louver Window

Ventilation and safety

  • Frame thickness: 51 mm
  • Mullions can be mounted in two ways
  • Optional integrated fly screen
  • Available machining and punching tools for drainage, transoms/mullions and mechanism fole for variable pitch.
  • Available in all Profils Syste?mes’ exclusive colours
  • Colour shades guaranteed up to 25 years


  • AEV (air, water, wind) test results : A*3-E*7A-V*A4

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Technical details

Product Concept

Simple stock management : There are only five sections in the shutter’s construction

  • Different top and bottom transoms (simple machining and material savings)
  • Opening by casement bolt or winding handle
  • Insect screen option for clipping to fixed frame
  • Adaptor and joining sections available for joining together louvre blind units installed side by side
  • With its 51mm frame, the Trinidad® louvre blind is perfectly suited to the Furio® and Flaningo® sash and hinged series



2 types of side mullion available :

  • Standard side mullions: U-section with slide-in cap assembled onto the straight-cut transom
  • Side mullions made from two complementary half-sections, enabling :
    • Access to the mechanism without removing the louvre unit once fitted and sealed
    • Exterior weatherproofing of frames fitted at a height without the need for cranes, aerial platforms, or ladders


Two blind closing systems :

  • Casement bolt
  • Winding reel (manual or powered).

The notched casement bolt gives three position settings: closed, 45°, and 80°. An adjustable drive system allows perfect adjustment of the louvres when fitting.



  • The 6mm infill can be glass, aluminium, or other louvers.
  • In heights of 120mm, 150mm, or adjustable.