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Wolf Alu spandrel panels are adapted: Hinge Systems, fixed frame, winter garden or sliding bay. They are available in slick, molded and machined versions. They can integrate decorative fusings.
Constituted of a 2 aluminum laquered sheets and a high density Styrofoam, these spandrel panels allow a use in all joinery series.

Wolf alu® Spandrel panels

Exterior decoration sheets for aluminum joinery


  • Can be adapted to all forms of joinery: door, casement, veranda...
  • Available in pressed or machined versions
  • Decorative element which adds a personal touch
  • Dual colour on demand
  • Available in all Profils Systèmes’ exclusive colours
  • Colour shades guaranteed up to 25 years*

Thermal performances

Extruded polystyrene has a thermal coefficient of:

  • Up from 1.64 Wm2K panel 24 mm + moulding 1 side
  • Up from 1,36 W/m2K panel 28 mm + moulding 1 side

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Technical details


  • Wolf Alu® spandrel panel of 20, 24 or 28 mm thickness with moulding on 1 or 2 sides or completely smoot
  • Several dimensions available : 900 x 600 / 1200 x 600 / 1200 x 900 / 1500 x 600mm
  • Several exterior sheet thicknesses :
    • 15/10e > pressed mouldings
    • 20/10e > mouldings machined in the thickness
    • 8/10e  > smooth face


Many decorations are proposed: Fleur de Lys, Rosaceous, glazing decoration, fusing…


Commercial Documentations

094_274_Sheet_414_Wallis_Accessories (PDF - 408.34 kB)