Logo façade aluminium Tanagra® Tanagra aluminum skylight

Tanagra skylight is made to give luminance to your project. Compounded of aluminum transoms and mullions, this skylight is perfectly impenetrable.

Tanagra® Auminium Sun Lounge

Architecture and Luminance


  • Unique structure according to the wished aspect
  • Faster to manufacture and to install
  • Perfectly impenetrable
  • A palette of exclusive colors
  • Bi coloration possible

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Technical details


  • Clamping type with laboring on the transom.


  • Glazing up to 46 mm. According to the DTU39, a metallic piece limits glazing thickness.

Outside Aspect

  • Vertical caps clipped on an aluminum horizontal pressure plate.

Vertical Sealing

  • 2 EPDM gaskets put on the plate.

Horizontal Sealing

  • Butyl band glued on the glazing + EPDM gaskets put on the plate.


Commercial Documentations

094_278_Sheet_Tanagra_curtain_wall (PDF - 1.12 MB)