Logo façade aluminium Tanagra® Tanagra photovoltaics facade

With its different versions (traditional grid, horizontal capping, skylights), this curtain wall can integrate photovoltaic panels. A photovoltaic solar generator integrated in the skylight or in the curtain wall can totally or partially create electricity produced by solar panels.
Electricity is bought by EDF (french electricity company) with preferential prices.

Tanagra® Photovoltaics Auminum Facade

The aluminum solar facade


  • Unique structure
  • Carefully studied aestheticism
  • Annual income as energy producer
  • Quicker to manufacture and to install
  • Large glazed surfaces
  • Thermal and acoustic insulation
  • Possibility of steel reinforcements
  • Available in the entire Profils systemes® exclusive colours.

Thermal Performances

  • Report n° CLC 07-26006453
    • A*4 - R*7 - E*5 I*5
    • Normal air pressure 1200 Pa
  • Report n° CLC 06 -26003166
    • A*E - R*6 - E*5 I*5
    • Normal air pressure 1200 Pa

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  • Grid layout
  • Horizontal rows



  • Grid layout
  • Horizontal rows


Technical details


  • The TANAGRA® curtain wall is a thermal insulation facade system.
  • Mullions and transoms 56–80 mm wide large, with section depths from 25–240 mm depending on the necessary inertia.
  • Specially adapted 80 mm clamping and capping strips allow hidden electric wires to be run through and the connection box to be built into the glazing rebate.


  • 8 mm to 42 mm thickness
  • All modules are available: :
    • Single laminated glazing
    • Double glazing: insulation coef cient Ug of up to 1,1 W/m2K
    • Tripe glazing: insulation coef cient Ug of up to 0,5 W/ m2K

Transparent generators

Five types of photocell can be fitted:

  • Polycrystalline
  • Monocrystalline
  • High output monocrystalline
  • Semi-transparent monocrystalline
  • Semi-transparent amorphous ASI THRU



  • It's possible to integrate many different kind of vents (French casement, turn & tilt opening, top hung and bottom hinge, fireman access, hinged windows and sliding windows).