Logo façade aluminium Tanagra® Tanagra aluminum sunshade

The Tanagra aluminum sunshade offers a real efficient aesthetic solution for solar protection.
The strip’s intensity can be adapted according to the luminance and can optimize energetic consumption.

Tanagra® Aluminum Sun Shade

The aluminum sunshade


  • Tanagra curtain wall and skylight concealment
  • Energetic contribution according to seasons
  • Different solutions: vertically, horizontally, swiveling…
  • Wide range for strips
  • Aesthetic and customization of the building
  • Strips available in all Profils Systemes’s exclusive colours 

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Technical details

Technical details

Adjustable on Tanagra curtain wall and skylight.

Possible to integrate photovoltaic panels.


Tanagra sunshades contain many kinds of strips :

  • Verticals
  • Rectangular vertical
  • On horizontally frame