Profils Systèmes preview the new issue of Signature, its architecture & lifestyle magazine

27 november 2018 - Profils Systemes News

5 years already since Profils Systèmes first brought out its magazine, Signature! A 5th edition, which, as every year, previewed at the Equip Baie trade show from 20 to 23 November. The architecture and lifestyle magazine, SIGNATURE, is taking us once again to new horizons.

This 5th number, with its 4 sections, will be as full of emotion as ever.

Exceptional architectural designs with Profils Syste?mes ranges, including the Aix Arena by architect, Christophe Gulizzi, a trip into the offbeat world of our artists, neo-retro trends in automobile design or “Made in France” furniture and ultra-modern design and, finally, an exciting travel feature. Every page is a discovery!

200 pages for a total change of scene - new finds and little marvels!

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Appli Signature#5


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