Profils Systèmes earns ISO 14001 environmental certification

05 july 2021 - Profils Systemes News

Throughout its history, Profils Systems has always kept a close eye on its impact on the environment. That's why, always on the lookout for improvement, the company set its eyes on another milestone: that of ISO 14001 certification.

Profils Systèmes certified ISO 14001

Profils Systèmes is committed to reducing its impact on the environment across multiple fronts. Its carbon footprint is of course one of them, but let's not forget the company’s full compliance with Alu+C- (more aluminium for less carbon) criteria since 2019, its pursuit of improved prevention of environmental risks like pollution, and its  waste management optimization programme.

Now, following the company’s implementation of many such actions promoted and shared by the board, by the management, and indeed by the whole workforce, Profils Systèmes has succeeded in obtaining ISO 14001 certification.

Undisputable proof, were it needed, of its commitment to the environment !

Profils Systems ISO 9001 certification already gained

The ISO 14001 certification comes hot on the heels of ISO 9001 quality management certification.

The latter, gained in March 2021, reflects the continual improvement system implemented at Profils Systèmes and manifested every day in our ability to become more effective and to regularly supply products and services that meet its customers’ quality demands as well as legal and regulatory requirements.