Profils Systèmes 3D - already in the future!

03 june 2018 - Profils Systemes News

Profils Systèmes has revolutionised the world of aluminium joinery with its Profils Systèmes® 3D augmented reality app: a new selling aid tool available on 8 June from certified Profils Systèmes joiners.

Close to a year ago, Profils Systèmes organised a vast consultation process with a group of pilot partners, members of the certified Profils Systèmes joiners network on the following issue:


What would the ideal tool be to best highlight all aluminium joinery projects?


The wraps were taken off this Profils Systèmes ® 3D augmented reality app at a commission preview in March 2018 and it was shown more widely at the annual certified joiners and manufacturers convention on 24 and 25 May. It can now be downloaded free of charge from App Store or Google Play and runs on tablets or smartphones.

# Viewing a 3D model on a true scale

A simple principle. The app enables you to view a 3D conservatory project in an individual’s own environment. Immersion in their future project as if they were there. The customer can consider and view the space and volumes in the most minute detail, together with the form of the profile, its colour, texture, the flooring and furniture, etc. - a view possible from the inside or outside!

# Help customers to imagine the proposed project

Profils Systèmes® 3D offers a revolutionary new selling method that enhances the customer experience! There is no need for a special helmet or glasses to take advantage of this unique experience - simply a tablet or smartphone. What can be seen in the app is of quite simply breath-taking reality!

# Personalise products

The app is both fun to use yet seriously meaningful as it enables a project to be assessed, further developed with choices of shapes, design, colour and textures for the profile - until a perfect project is obtained!!

# Share projects with customers

A professional can show an individual a simulation - a 3D image of his project, together with a quotation. The Profils Systèmes® 3D app is fully compatible with its BIM objects.

# Bring to life a unique experience

Profils Systèmes, a pioneer in the innovation and ultra-modern design of aluminium joinery and the marketing of its products is convinced that this technological breakthrough will take the joinery market and selling methods by storm!

With its 3D app, Profils Systèmes offers its partners a powerful selling tool that facilitates projection and decision-making.

Check out the demo video