New ready-machined service at Profils Systèmes Guadeloupe

18 february 2021 - Profils Systemes News

Profils Systèmes Guadeloupe, the Caribbean joinery specialist, launches its ready-machined service and now offers its clientele of joiners and installers bespoke products as well as ready-to-machine products.

With its new 150 square metre workshop, Profils Systèmes Guadeloupe can provide all its customers with aluminium hinged or sliding windows, doors and shutters that are ready to install.

Two Profils Color shades are available: White 9016 and Anthracite Grey 7016.

There are considerable time savings to be made with joinery that is delivered to size and ready to assemble!

Profils Systems runs a logistics centre in Guadeloupe intended for aluminium joiners both local and across the Caribbean islands.

This logistics centre is located in the International Business Park (“Zone de Commerce Internationale”) near the autonomous port of Jarry in Baie-Mahault, Guadeloupe’s economic nerve centre.


Pascal Gaboriau, Guadeloupe Manager
Address : ZCI Port autonome - Bat. A14  97122 Baie Mahault - Guadeloupe
Phone: 33 590 95 99 14 / Fax: 33 590 32 04 79