Profils Systèmes presents its new photovoltaic carport Wallis&Park® Energy !

31 august 2023 - Product News

Naturally following on from its environmental commitment, with over 35 years of eco-affirmative action, Profils Systèmes, the “Made in France” aluminium joinery specialist, is launching a new photovoltaic carport, the Wallis&Park® Energy. Good looking and durable, this innovative solution not only provides shelter for all kinds of vehicle but offers the additional advantage of a photovoltaic panel roof, which produces decentralized green electricity that can be integrated with the residential power supply.

The perfect combination of protection and durability 

Ideal for sheltering vehicles (cars, motorcycles, bikes, e-scooters, campervans), the carports in the Wallis&Park® range are also handy for storing firewood or garden tools. Easy to maintain and ably standing up to the ordeals of time, they harbour your belongings against extreme weather, falling branches, tree resin, and of course the sun.

Green innovation integrated into the roof 

Now Profils Systèmes gives them the added ability to produce electricity thanks to the new Wallis&Park® series 414 Energy photovoltaic model, an astute way of adapting to an ever more sustainable way of living.

Featuring an extremely tough aluminium structure, with or without a gutter, this innovative carport’s distinctiveness lies in its roof of built-in photovoltaic panels. By capturing and converting solar energy, it offers a clean, sustainable energy source, delivering electricity to replace that consumed from traditional sources and thus enabling considerable savings.

But the advantages don’t stop there. It makes light of rainwater evacuation with a downpipe that can be placed in any corner the owner chooses, and it can withstand a snow load of up to 45kg/m2. Maximum resistance even in the harshest climatic conditions.

Optimum customization 

At Profils Systèmes, a wide choice of configurations is second nature, enabling solutions for all fitting-out needs, and this carport is no exception. Its roof can accommodate photovoltaic panel thicknesses of 6 to 80 mm, over an area of up to 36m² (for an optimum  energy production capacity of between 3 and 9 kW peak).

There’s the option of 16mm opaque panels for carports whose visual design wiill benefit from them. A further customization option is that of photocell composition, with four types to choose from, each with is own specifics in terms of energy efficiency and appearance: polycristalline, monocristalline, semi-transparent monocristalline, and amorphous.

On the size front, the made-to-measure Wallis&Park® Energy series 414 carport is available in heights up to 3m and in various structural layouts: free standing, corridor, lean-to, set-back posts with overhang, etc., as well as ganged modules for shelters offering very large spans: up to L x W x H = 6000 x 6000 x 3000 mm with a cross spar on a 2-post lean-to + double beam configuration.

There’s a multitude of combinations for a low-key, elegant finish with no visible cables or screws for posts with cover caps!

Comfort and functionality 

Last but by no means least, true to its principles of comfort and functionality, Profils Systèmes provides options for closing off the ends of its carports—premium aluminium cladding or openwork privacy screens—and for LED lighting (rail, spot, or strip).

Always looking to stamp its aesthetic mark, the Wallis&Park® series 414 Energy  carport comes in more than 400 exclusive Profiles Systèmes colours and finishes guaranteed up to 25 years: testimony to the quality and sustainability of the products from this French joinery manufacturer.

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