New aluminium sliding patio door CUZCO, minimalist design, high energy performance

16 july 2023 - Product News

The latest generation of high energy performance aluminium sliding patio doors by Profils Systèmes, the Cuzco® series 712M, offers interiors a sublimely elegant uplift. 

Although the sleek looks of Profils Systèmes Cuzco®, with its 22mm centre mullion barely wider than the other sections, are what immediately catch the eye, the advantages extend way beyond elegance. 

Dimensions sliding patio door Cuzco®

Capable of large dimensions (frame height and width up to 3 metres for two-panel version), offering multiple configurations with 2 to 4 panels (up to 250kg per panel) on up to two glide tracks, with double and triple glazing (28 to 32 mm), it suits all layouts and all insulation requirements.

Performances sliding patio door Cuzco®

Featuring a patented thermal break system (28–32mm polyamide strips on sliding frames, 42mm on fixed frame), this new-generation sliding door brings the heat transfer coefficient Uw = 1.0W/m²K for a 2350mm wide x 2180mm high triple-glazed, two-panel patio door with 32mm glazed slide panels. 

The Cuzco® is absolutely weatherproof, with an impressive set of French “AEV” (air, water, wind) ratings. For a two-panel 2400mm wide x 2150mm high assembly, these ratings are A*3 - E*6B - V*C2, and that’s high!

Also available with a ramp for disabled accessibility, this new aluminium sliding assembly offers top-level security thanks to multi-point locking (1 to 5 points), facilitated by a compact, ergonomic handle (visible dimensions: HxWxD  = 129 x 30 x 25 mm) with an easy-to-use vertical selector.

With the Factory Spirit® all-square design on both the frame and panels, Cuzco® comes in all the Profils Systèmes exclusive colours, with colour holding guaranteed up to 25 years.