Météorites®, new colour range for accessories

22 november 2017 - Product News

Profils Systèmes presents Météorites®:  its brand new colour range for accessories. This is an original collection of metallic tints with a choice of several finishes: lacquered, iridescent, or matt.

This new, very innovative collection of deep metallic colours is designed exclusively for lacquering aluminium joinery accessories. 

Grey, gold, brown and ochre shades are in the majority.  Matt, iridescent and lacquered finishes, more or less transparent, this new collection of colours offers new creative possibilities and fresh design opportunities for architects.

The new range will allow elegant contrasts to be used between the main joinery and the accessories used to create a perfect finish.

The specific compositions used provide deeper and subtler colours than previously. 

Aluminium joinery has never been dressed in such original, unusual colours before, which are certain to develop new trends and creative decorative opportunities.  Vintage or avant-garde, you will be able to try out the most daring combinations!

Campo del Cielo, Kouga Mountains, Goose Lake, Jilin, Sikhote, Hoba …or Quinn Canyon, each colour in the Météorites® range has been christened with the name of a site where a meteorite has fallen.  


Météorites : new series for the lacquering of joinery accessories