The PRO app Profils Systems is now available in English version !

28 juillet 2015 - Actualités société

Discover the Pro app Profils Systems in English version. This new, totally free tool for tablets has been conceived and developed to put you even closer to the key people in the building trade.

Profils Systèmes App

This 100% PRO app is aimed primarily at Profils Systèmes customers and at building trade deciders and influencers. It provides instant access to detailed technical information on each of Profils Systèmes’ aluminium joinery ranges, a great boon when it comes to conceptualizing and commercializing a company’s projects.

Information these days needs to be more accessible than ever. Profils Systèmes is aware of this and has crossed the digital boundary in order to bring its products, architectural references, and know-how to all those who can benefit from it !

Download the Pro app Profils Systems in English version