"Made in France" is a sign of distinction

At a time when many manufacturers decided to relocate their activity abroad, Profils Systèmes chose to swim against the tide and committed to keeping jobs in France, investing in and developing its industrial site: this included a 220- ton extrusion press and vertical lacquering chain installed in the early 2000s.

Today, with a 43,000 m² manufacturing and logistics facility and a workforce of over 400 employees, Profils Systèmes has integrated the entire production process at its site in Baillargues (34 - Hérault): research and development, spinning, thermal strutting, profile bending and lacquering, as well as all transport services.

This determination to keep production at home has enabled French customs authorities to accredit us with the "Made in France", and "French manufacturing" labels for all our "Aluminium profiles for window and door ranges, gates and pergolas" products.
The labels "Made in France" and "French manufacturing" are guarantees of reliability and expertise recognized by everyone, in France and abroad.

This is a distinct competitive advantage, at a time when aluminium products from all around the world are entering the market.

An eco-friendly French manufacturer

In addition to supporting jobs in France, Profiles Systems is also committed to preserving the environment both in the factory and in the home.

Throughout its operating systems, Profils Systèmes is working to preserve our planet:

  • With the aluminum choice: a recyclable material for the future
  • Thanks to thermolacquering
  • By the treatment of effluents with a closed circuit system (controled by the D.R.I.R.E)
  • With the transport of goods, combined rail-road transport
  • In cutting down on packing...